General questions

Can products be purchased directly through Urtefarm?

No – we do not have private sale. Urtefarm’s products are only sold through our wide network of talented distributors in Denmark.

Is my horse going to eat the products?

Yes, most horses eat our products without any problems. However, there will always be horses that are more sceptical towards new things. We recommend that you slowly introduce the supplements with the horses daily forage through small doses that you slowly adjust. It can be 1-2 weeks before the supplement is properly introduced. You can also try mixing up the supplements with a delicious mash.

How soon will i experience the effect of the supplements?

All horses are individuals, therefore some horses might experience the benefits of the supplements later than others. If you for example give your horse digestive, you can expect to wait at least 3-4 weeks before seeing the results. At the same time you have to check up on the environment and possible factors that can negatively influence the horse such as bad hay, sand build-ups etc.

Are the herbs dried at low temperatures?

Yes – All the herbs in Urtefarm production is gently harvested and dried at low temperatures, to ensure that all active ingredients are preserved.

Are Urtefarm’s products produced in Denmark?

Yes – All our products are produced and packed in Vejen, Denmark.

Are your pelletized products pressed at low temperatures?

Yes – all our pelletized products are pressed at low temperatures to make sure the good qualities of the herbs and yeast are preserved.

The color and smell of the product is different than the previous one I bought?

Because we only use natural ingredients, our mixtures might appear different in color and smell. The ingredients we use will be dependent on the weather, season, harvest and so on.

What is meant by supplement? How long can the product be used?

Some products are only meant as a treatment such as  Rød Solhat which can be given from 4-6 weeks. Other supplements such as Digestive can be used both as a treatment or as a long-term supplement if the horse needs support of the intestines. Contact us if you are in doubt regarding one of our products..

What products give my horse the most optimal support?

Feel free to contact us if you need advice or if you have questions about combining any of our products with the current forage.

Is your customer feedback paid for?

No – We do not offer free products or remunerations when people send us feedback of a product. We do encourage the sharing of experience but without a free product as a reward.



Digestive is for horses with an imbalance in the large intestines. Digestive boosts the microbial activity therefore, it is can be beneficial for horses that experience intestine problems or problems with wet or hard faeces.

Stomach regulator

Stomach regulator is made to support a healthy and strong mucosa in the horse’s stomach and front part of the intestines. The purpose of the supplement is also to protect the epithelium from acid, by forming a protective pellicle and even out the pH-level in the stomach.

Can you recommend to use digestive and Stomach Regulator at the same time?

We do not recommend using Digestive with Stomach Regulator because the content of Stomach Regulator will work against the Levucell-yeast in Digestive.

Is there yeast in Ginger Kefir?

Yes – yeast strains appears naturally everywhere in nature. For example in grass, hay, plants and it also appears in healthy horse’s mikrobiota (Skin, hair, intestine etc.)

Ginger Kefir is based on a natural occuring mixture of yeast fungus and lactid acid bacteria in symbiosis they can destroy fibres in the horse’s digestion. Our kefir-fermentation is imitating the natural process.

In ginger kefir there is not isolated yeast strains. The content of yeast fungus is significantly reduced in connection with the continuation of the fermentation inside the container and when the pH-level is dropping. Therefore, the product mainly consists of lactobacilli (Lactid acid bacteria).

Are there any of Urtefarm’s products that requires a waiting period?

Yes – there is a waiting time on Cool Down as it contains Valerian.

Our products Cool Down Extract, Immunity Extract and Breathe Easy extract contain alcohol which is important to consider in relation to competetions etc.

We recommend that you stay updated on the rules and regulations before competetions.


Our other products is not in conflict with valid FEI rules, but we recommend that you keep yourself oriented about changes and possible additions to the rules.

How long does my horse need Blood Sugar Regulator for?

Blood Sugar Regulator is developed to stabilise the horse’s bloodsugar. Horses are individuals and therefore it is not possible to tell how long the horse needs blood sugar regulator for to see an impact.

It is important to give the horse the right forage plan and plenty of exercise.

Do you have any products, which can help the horse through the grazing period?

We recommmend that you take a closer look at Urtefarm’s Blood Sugar Regulator, which can be used for horses that are in the risk group of getting negative symptoms from a high blood sugar and insulin level as well as horses that are overweight.

We recommend that you contact a veterinarian if you have the smallest suspicion of failure to thrive.

Can cold water be used in Green Herbal Mash?

Yes – you can use cold water without any problems. Cold water simply extends the waiting time before the mash is ready.

Do you recommend boiling water with the Green Herbal Mash?

No – If you wish for a warm mash, then the water can be max. 35°C otherwise the effective probiotics. We recommend to boild the water and let it cool down or use cold water, instead of using hot water from the tap.

How much Green Herbal Mash should i give my horse?

Green Herbal Mash is a supplement used in combination with the daily forage. Therefore you can use the amount you find appropriate. We recommend to mix the Mash 1:4 (1 part mash to 4 parts water).

The measuring scoop

How do i see how much the measuring scoop, within the buckets, contain?

There is a white mark on the side or bottom of the bucket, that says how much a scoop contains. The numbers on the scoop itself should not be used.

I am in doubt how to measure and dose the product. What does the numbers on the measuring scoop mean?

The numbers on our measuring scoop should not be used. The small white mark on the products indicate how much the scoop contains. Er full scoop (without top) is cooresponding to the weight mentioned on the small white mark.